Joey Lubelfeld is a freelance director with a background in devised work. Columbia College: Israel Horivtiz's Beirut Rocks and Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz, in addition to several readings and workshops. London: Stop, And… (a devised documentary piece in collaboration with Anna Herman of Clean Break) and Queervolution (a devised piece produced as a part of the ZU-UK’s House of Healing). Assistant directing: Grant James Varjas’ Accidentally, Like a Martyr (A Red Orchid Theatre; dir. Shade Murray), Tom Weber’s Genomenon (Piven Theatre Workshop; dir. Benno Nelson), Beth Kander’s Scrambled (Continuum Theatre; dir. Susan Padveen), and Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart (Columbia College; dir. Stephanie Shaw) among others.

Administratively, Joey has worked with A Red Orchid Theatre and Northlight Theatre (Chicago) as well as The TEAM (NYC) in casting, literary, education, and development positions. He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and University of East London.